Retail 零售

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Retail design begins with the client's vision and ends with the customer's experience. SPD develops retail branding and wayfinding programs that enhance the customer's experience from arrival to departure and all points in between. 零售设计从客户的远景构想开始,并以其顾客的体验告终。 SPD 发展的零售品牌和导示路标方案都能提高顾客在到达至离开以及之间一切经历的体验度。

  • Branding 品牌化
  • Wayfinding 导示路标
  • Signing 标志
  • Advertising and Promotional Display Programs 广告与宣传显示方案
  • Master Sign Programs 主标牌方案
  • Tenant Sign Criteria 租户标牌标准
  • Interactive Maps and Directories 互动地图和目录
  • Special Features and Land Marks 专门特色和地标
  • Architectural Color 建筑色彩
  • Web Design 网页设计