Public Realm 公共领域

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SPD has been in the forefront of designing master plan wayfinding programs for city centers, towns and campuses throughout the world. Utilizing international graphic standards and exploring the most current wayfinding technologies available. SPD 在设计世界各地的市中心、城镇和校园之总体规划导示路标方案方面位居先锋。利用国际图形标准,同时探索最新的导示路牌技术。

  • Branding 品牌化
  • Wayfinding 导示路标
  • Signing 标志
  • Advertising and Promotional Display Programs 广告与宣传显示方案
  • Master Sign Programs 主标牌方案
  • Tenant Sign Criteria 租户标牌标准
  • Interactive Maps and Directories 互动地图和目录
  • Special Features, LandMarks & Gateways 专门特色、地标和闸道