Entertainment 娱乐

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Entertainment venues can be as small as a single tenant or as large as a mixed use development over hundreds of acres. SPD can scale an effective program to direct, inform, promote and entertain the audience during the course of their visit. 娱乐场所的规模能小至单一租户式,大至遍布数百英亩的混合用途开发项目。 SPD 能设计一个有效的方案,在观看者的游览过程中为他们提供指导、信息、激励作用和娱乐。

  • Branding 品牌化
  • Theming 主题布置
  • Wayfinding 导示路标
  • Signing 标志
  • Advertising and Promotional Display Programs 广告与宣传显示方案
  • Pageantry Programs 彩旗横幅方案
  • Master Sign Programs 主标牌方案
  • Tenant Sign Criteria 租户标牌标准
  • Interactive Maps and Directories 互动地图和目录
  • Special Features and Land Marks 专门特色和地标
  • Print and Collateral design 平面与印刷品设计
  • Architectural Features 建筑特色