Education 教育

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Many times the wayfinding programs SPD has designed are an education for the visitors, students and faculty. Our work has opened up a whole new world to in finding your way but also enlightening those to the many other opportunities a campus provides. 许多时候,SPD 设计的导示路标方案对游客、学生和教师都是一种教育。我们的项目作品不但为您在寻路之际开辟了一个新世界,还启发用户发现校园提供的许多其他机会。

  • Branding 品牌化
  • Wayfinding 导示路标
  • Signing 标志
  • Donor Recognition 捐款人鸣谢
  • Advertising and Promotional Display Programs 广告与宣传显示方案
  • Pageantry Programs 彩旗横幅方案
  • Master Sign Programs 主标牌方案
  • Interactive Maps and Directories 互动地图和目录
  • Special Features and Land Marks 专门特色和地标
  • Print and Collateral design 平面印刷品
  • Web Design 网页设计