Civic 市政区

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Civic is a wide ranging avenue from public works street improvement programs to public buildings and institutions. SPD evaluates the needs of every project to develop the appropriate design, reflective of the community and the institutions represented. 市政区是一条范围广泛的大道,包括公共建筑工程、街道改善方案和公共建筑与机构等。 SPD 为每个项目的需求进行评估,以发展相应的设计,以适当地反映所代表的社区和机构。

  • Wayfinding 导示路标
  • Signing 标志
  • Queuing System Design 排队系统设计
  • Special Feature and Landmarks 专门特色和地标
  • Print Collateral 平面印刷品
  • Master Sign Programs 主标牌方案