Branding & Print 品牌与平面设计

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A project's Branding / Identity and it’s various applications in print and collateral should connect seamlessly to the physical environment in which they exist. Square Peg develops a project's branding and identity in a holistic manner. We want a project's image and desired character to be seamlessly conveyed to the user, from their first encounter in print and web, to their experience on property. 一个项目的品牌/标识以及其平面和印刷品的各种应用都应该与它们的所在环境有着无缝的连接。 Square Peg 以一种整体的方式发展一个项目的品牌和标识。从用户第一次在印刷品上或网上接触到品牌,至他们亲身在实际位置体验景观真貌,我们的目标都是为他们无缝地传达一个项目的形象和期望达到的特质。

  • Branding & Identity 品牌与标识
  • Marketing Communications Collateral 营销传播物品
  • Stationary Systems 固定系统
  • Hospitality Room Amenities 招待房间设施
  • Food & Beverage Identity 餐饮标识
  • Food & Beverage Web & Print 餐饮网络和平面印刷
  • Sales Center Design, Exhibits, Maps, Collateral… 营销中心设计、展览、地图、印刷品……
  • Brand Guidelines 品牌指南