Connecting People With
The Built Environment

At Square Peg Design, we create the visual layer that transforms environments into experiences.

Who we are

Square Peg Design is an exceptional team of designers, problem solvers and strategists committed to developing the full promise of a built environment. We are translators and advocates. Dreamers and realists. Skilled professionals with a passion for manifesting the power of place.

What we do

From branding and wayfinding to signage and placemaking, we design the visual layer that enhances the human experience in the spaces our clients create. Our work clarifies, guides, entices and excites, always with an eye toward creating a lasting sense of purpose and belonging.


Who we’ve helped

For more than 20 years we’ve worked in collaboration with our clients and their design teams to create exceptional experiences on a vast array of projects around the world. With every project we hone our ability to connect people to the places where they live, work and shop.